Born into an Anglo/Dutch family in Cambridge. I studied Graphics and Illustration at the Cambridge School of Art 1978-82, since then I have exhibited Worldwide and have completed 27 years in COS. I am a member of CDS. Seventeen of my works have made pre-selection over the years in prestigious exhibitions with two making the final cut. One in the Pastel society exhibition and one in the Society of Women’s artists exhibition, both in the Mall galleries.

I started an MA in Fine Art and critical practice in 2019 and completed with a Merit this year. It has made me think more about the why’s. The writing was a challenge, there were two Diss to complete and it wasn’t easy translating the visual into something verbal. But hey, we’re back into creation again.

Nature is a continual inspiration, I am currently exploring new ways of relating to the woodlands I walk in, trying to weave an elaborate dialogue with nature where I become just one more element of the whole. I love a good white and a baked Camembert. My garden is a continual source of pleasure and energy.